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Western Optical developed a full service ophthalmic instruments style that customers liked in 1964. The vision of becoming your single source for ophthalmic instruments and supplies, created the foundation on which Western Ophthalmics' website is now built. In addition to benefiting from Western's 40+ years of experience, you should also enjoy having your email or phone call answered more quickly than you might with other online ophthalmic instruments vendors. Your order is often prepared by the same friendly person who took it, and in most cases, is shipped the same day. Western Ophthalmics maintains regular office hours for your convenience and we always welcome your visit in person.

Ophthalmic Instruments & Supplies Product Overview

Hot New Products

As new ophthalmic instruments become available and new ophthalmic equipment is introduced, Western Ophthalmics posts these products concisely in this section anticipating your regular inquiry. We hope that our Hot New Products Section will become a valuable referrence page for you to bookmark and consult whenever you are considering the purchase of new instruments or the replacement of old equipment. Currently featured Hot New Products include: Reichert 7 Automated Non-Contact Tonometer, Keeler Vantage Plus Wireless Indirect, Reichert PSL Hand Held Portable Slit Lamp, Reichert Clear Chart Digital Acuity System, Reichert Auto Phoroptor RS, Binocular Surgical Loupe, 3X Binocular Surgical Loupe, Worth 4 Dot Transilluminator Attachment, Tonojet Single Use Tonometer Prism, Pachpen Hand Held Pachymeter, Keeler Surgical Loupe Headlight System, Sun Clips, Click n Stack Deep Job Trays, Reichert Tonopen AVIA, Reichert Tilt Chair, Reichert Foresee PHP Perimeter, Reichert Handheld Pachymeter and Reichert Manual Keratometer.

Ophthalmic Bulbs

Western Ophthalmics offers an extensive and ever growing selection of bulbs to fit most manufacturer's ophthalmic instruments. For your convenience, these ophthalmic bulbs (lamps) are segmented into basic categories according to the instruments they fit as follows: Indirect Bulbs, Keratometer Bulbs, Ophthalmometer Bulbs, Lensometer Bulbs, Vertometer Bulbs, Operating Microscope Bulbs, Ophthalmoscope Bulbs, Perimeter Bulbs, Visual Field Instrument Bulbs, Chart Projector Bulbs, Radiuscope Bulbs, Retinal Camera Bulbs, Fundus Camera Bulbs, Retinoscope Bulbs, Slit Lamp Bulbs, Tonometer Bulbs, Transilluminator Bulbs, Miscellaneous Bulbs. We may even be able to blow the dust off a few antique bulbs for you. Please shoot us an email, along with a digital picture of your bulb and instrument if possible.

Ophthalmic Batteries

Western offers an extensive and expanding selection of batteries to fit most manufacturer's ophthalmic instruments and power handles, including: ophthalmoscopes, retinoscopes, transilluminators, acuity meters, tonometers and hand-held autorefractors. Upon request, some obsolete batteries can even be custom fabricated on a case by case basis. The following exemplify a few of the most commonly ordered batteries: Welch Allyn 72300 BatteryWelch Allyn 72200 BatteryWelch Allyn 72000 BatteryWelch Allyn 72100 BatteryWelch Allyn 72610 BatteryWelch Allyn 72600 BatteryWelch Allyn 72240 BIO BatteryWelch Allyn 71960 BatteryWelch Allyn 72420 BatteryPropper 196820 BatteryPropper 199121 BatteryPropper 196633 BatteryPropper 199119 (B310) BatteryMarco KM500 BatteryMarco KM500 BatteryAO Reichert Fulvue BatteryKeeler Vista Battery.

Ophthalmic Supplies

A few of the supplies and consumables offered by Western Ophthalmics include pen lights, eye patches, post-mydriatic specs, Ocufilm tonotip covers, press-on optics, phoroptor face shields, chin rest tissues, printer paper, recording charts, dust covers, gloves, eye bubbles, fluorescein, tear tests, eye protection, occlusion foils, and stereo slide viewers.

Visual Aids

Visual aid, from high magnification to low vision, is provided by a variety of special optics and instruments, including the Headband Binocular Loupe, Optivisor, Optivisor Light, Telescopic Spectacles, Recline Spectacles, Magnifiers, Mini Lighted Magnifiers, Jeweler's Loupes, and Reading Glasses. Beyond ophthalmology, optometry, opticianry or dental applications, visual aids are valuable optical tools for hobby, craft and manufacturing applications as well as in the laboratory.

Optical Dispensing

Western Ophthalmics (Western Optical) was founded in 1927 by opticians. The current owners / employees come from a long line of opticians who truly enjoy providing tools to help you excel in your profession. Some of the staples include: Ultrasonic Cleaning UnitDistometerSalt PanPupilometerPAL-IDOptical PliersNose Pad PopperScrew DriverFrame WarmerLens ClockCalipersZyl FileTapsCuttersTweezersScrews, and PD Rulers.


Measure dioptric lens power manually or automatically with our Lensometer (lensmeter) instruments: AL500 Auto LensometerAL200 Auto Lensometer, and ML1 Manual Lensometer. A good lensometer is imperative for efficient optical dispensing or optical laboratory work.

Training Eyes and Eye Models 

Anatomical eye ball models are ideal for education of any kind, including general medical eye anatomy, ophthalmology, optometry, and opticianry students. Schematic training eyes allow you to practice retinoscopy, ophthalmoscopy, and slit lamp biomicroscopy techniques. Special eye models greatly help the eye surgeon explain specific procedures to patients, such as cataract, IOL, and LASIK models. Vitreous floaters are easily and visualized using the Siepser Vitreous Floater Demonstrator model and a penlight.

Contact Lens Fitting / Keratometer / Topographer 

You will find patient supplies in this section such as the DMV Contact Lens Remover / Inserter, and Contact Lens Cases. Western offers corneal measurment and contact lens fitting instruments from Lensco Meter Attachment and Keratometer Instrument to the Radiuscope and complete Corneal Topography System. For many years Western manufactured rigid gas permeable lenses. As a result, we are particularly equiped to supply RGP modification units and RGP polishing supplies.

Vision Acuity Testing 

Visual Acuity Testing and Vision Screening can be performed at many levels. Western Ophthalmics provides options from integrated vision tester instruments such as the Titmus Vision Screener to individual tests such as the Ishihara Color TestStereo Fly Test, Lighted Eye Chart Cabinet, Krimsky Prince Rule, Prisms, Lang Stereo Test, Amsler Grid, Worth Four Dot Test, Phoria Measure, Preschool Test Cards, Opticokinetic Drum, Graduated E Cards, Sheridan Gardiner Test, Eye Charts, Near Point Acuity Cards, Translucent Acuity Charts, Occluders, Wall Muscle Light, and the Berens Accomodation Rule.


Western offers all of the ophthalmic instruments you would need to set up a complete refracting lane or pre-sreening area, such as the autorefractor and phoroptor refracting instrument, as well as phoroptor accessories, including the rotochart, reading rod and card holder, all from one supplier in one simple purchase. Western Ophthalmics has long been a resource for optometry students, missionary eye docotors, and optics educators, offering instruments such as the trial frame, trial lens set, skiascopic rack, confirmation test flippers and Jackson Cross Cylinder. Other specialty refracting instruments, such as prism bars, prism sets, and Jannelli/Halberg trial lens clips are available as well. The Hertel Exophthalmometer and B and L Type Mirror Exophthalmometer intruments are also found for diagnosis and treatment of exophthalmos.

Chart Projectors

Acuity Chart Projectors range from standard projectors such as the Reichert Longlife POC, to the Reichert AP250 automatic chart projector. You may also wish to buy acuity slides for your AO / Reichert or Marco type projector as alternates or replacements. These slides include Adult Vectographic Projector Slide, Childs Vectographic Projector Slide, Rotating Paraboline Projector Slide, Variety Projector Slide w/Vertical Lines, Combination Projector Slide, Child Acuity Projector Slide, Color Perception Projector Slide, Variety Projector Slide, Worth 4 Dot Projector SlideWorth 4 Dot Projector Slide, M1 Projector Slide, Non Memory Projector Slide, M2 Child Deluxe Acuity Slide, and M3 HOTV Acuity Slide. However, the best ophthalmic acuity test technology is delivered by the new Reichert ClearChart Digital Acuity System. Western Ophthalmics offers very high quality projection system components such as the First Surface Mirror, Viewing Mirror, and Acuity Screen for the refracting room.

Slit Lamps

Possibly the most essential ophthalmic instrument is the slit lamp. The Reichert slit lamps offered by Western Ophthalmics are well known for exceptionally high quality optics. Xcel 400 Slit Lamp features Haag-Streit-type tower design and has a 25x, 3 step drum microscope. Xcel 700 Slit Lamp is the most powerful instrument with its 40x, 5 step drum microscope. Xcel 255 Slit Lamp has the same mic as the 400, yet features Zeiss-type configuration.


Your ability to screen, measure and document IOP can be crucial. Western offers a variety of tonometers to fulfil your exact requirements. The Reichert 7 Auto-Non-Contact Tonometer is fast, accurate and extremely easy to operate. This new Reichert Tonometer is the ultimate IOP screening instrument. For non-contact portability, the Reichert PT100 Handheld NCT is a small air puff tonometer allowing you mobility and easy access to remote locations or disabled patients. Goldmann type applanation tonometers fit most standard slit lamp configurations, including the Reichert CT100 Tonometer for Haag-Streit-type, and the Reichert CT200 Tonometer for Zeiss-type. Please contact us regarding adapters for other slit lamps. Although the Tonopen hand-held applanation tonometer is still available for portable IOP measurement, Reichert has re-introduced the tonopen, with improved design, as the Tonopen AVIA. The Tono-Pen is often used in veterinary ophthalmology. Some eye physicians prefer the Schiotz Tonometer, which we continue to sell and service. Applanation tonometer prisms, also known as contact prisms or doubling prisms are in stock, ready for immediate delivery.


Find just the right condensing lenses for binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy and slit lamp indirect ophthalmoscopy including multi-lens sets, which are great for optometry students. Review a variety of lens products and select the best contact glass for your needs, including contact diagnostic lenses, contact argon/diode laser lenses, with one mirror, two mirror, three mirror and four mirror designs, as well as YAG laser lenses. We are continuously expanding our selection of Ocular Instruments lenses and Volk Optical lenses.

Indirects & Diagnostic Instruments

You will find the binocular indirect ophthalmoscope you are looking for at Western Ophthalmics, from the classic Keeler Fison Indirect, to the new Keeler Wireless BIO. Find indirect accessories, such as the Teaching Mirror and HiMag Lens.

Ophthalmosocpes & Retinoscopes

The Ophthalmic hand instruments used in schools tend to become the instruments & brands of choice throughout an eye doctor's career. This can be an advantage when all of your ophthalmoscope / retinoscope / transilluminator heads and power handles are interchangeable among multiple refracing lanes and office locations, yet this can be a disadvantage if you forego a competing manufacturer's innovative new hand instrument, such as the Keeler TwinMag Ophthalmoscope or Welch Allyn Panoptic Ophthalmoscope for the same reason. Western Ophthalmics strives to offer all new ophthalmic instruments immediately, but also to stock the exact brands and models of hand instruments you prefer for as long as they are available.

Field Testing

As you may need to have in place a clinically accepted visual field testing instrument or equipment, Western offers the basic Tangent Screen, or the Oculus Easyfield Visual Field instrument and the new Reichert Foresee PHP Perimeter.

Surgical Instruments & Supplies

Western Ophthalmics has many surgical instruments in stock. Binocular surgical loupes by Keeler, Neitz and Oculus give you a wide selection of optics configurations to suit your needs. For example the Keeler Loupe features a powerful compact head light option, while the Oculus Loupe is available with special near point mounting. Neitz Loupes provide excellent performance and great value with extremely powerful high magnification, while the BLS1 Wide Field Binocluar Loupe and the BLS3 Wide Field Surgical Loupe offer an excellent field of view, particularly useful in dental surgery. Other Ophthamic Surgical Instruments and instruments supporting ophthalmic surgery include: Welch Allyn Arc Light, Black Diamond Knife, Harvey Chemiclave Sterilizer, Keeler Cryomatic, Algerbrush, Fox Eyeshields, Foreign Body Set, Bergh Cilia Forceps, Desmarres Lid Retractors, Aesthesiometer and Eye Magnet. Surgical supplies such as Opticlude Eye Patches, Transpore Tape are also ready for delivery.

Exam Room Equipment Furniture & Seating

There is more to an exam room than just a slit lamp, phoroptor, projection system, chair and stand. The classic Western Optical Trial Lens Cabinet is hand made in the USA with a furiture level quality unmatched in the industry. Western offers high quality pneumatic exam stools with back rest or without, stools with round seats or square, and standard or exrta high height stools. Many of these doctor's exam chairs and stools are ergonomically designed for eye doctor, dentist and assistant. For your screening area, the Ocular motorized wheelchair accessible instrument table is perfect for your air tonometer and auto refractor.

Optical Scopes

Western offers other optics by Swift Instruments such as Telescopes, Spotting Scopes, Rifle Scopes and Pistol Scopes.

Binoculars & Opera Glasses

Binoculars and opera glasses of different designs and styles are found in this section, including 8x30 Birding Binoculars, 7x50 Marine Binoculars, Waterproof Compass Binoculars and Swift Firefly Lighted Opera Glasses.

Interesting Optically Related Products

Western Ophthalmics is often called upon to provide products which may not be categorized as ophthalmic instruments, yet that many customers find to be interesting, useful or fun. Most noteably, our barking dog finds it's way home as a toy just as frequently as a fixation device.