Reichert RK600 Auto-Refractor/Keratometer

Reichert RK600 Auto Refractor-Keratometer
Reichert RK600 Auto Refractor-Keratometer
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Reichert RK600 Auto Refractor-Keratometer
The new Reichert RK600 Auto-Refractor/Keratometer has a number of selectable automatic and manual measurement modes to suit user preference: The instrument has an auto start function which measures automatically when alignment is achieved. Kerato-Peripheral measurement of four segments of the cornea can be made. The RK600 screen displays positions already measured and indicates the current corneal measurement position with blinking targets. 2.3mm minimum pupil diameter and 3-step target light adjustment. The RK600 autorefractor/keratometer allows you to measure through small pupils and its 3-level fixation target light adjustment ensures better compensation for accommodation. The IOL measurement mode is indicated on the color LCD screen when selected, and the results are indicated on the printout with IOL marks. The measurement icons and results are easily viewed on the full color LCD monitor that superimposes the data on the macro view of the patient's eye. The new RK600 Automatic Refractor Keratometer is very compact, and lightweight. A thermal printer with automatic paper cutter provides a hard copy of results.

Please Note: RK600 Auto Auto Refractor Keratometer interfaces with new Reichert Auto Phoroptor RS Automated Refraction System.

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